About Us

Ray is the founder, over the decades across his career, numerous times. Ray has been associated with Bengal National Chambers of Commerce & Industry, CII, FICCI & international countries via the organizations he has worked in. Ray had started his career with a Japanese MNC, he had the presence of art, culture, values, progressive socio economic thoughts inside him, which always has propelled him to work for the masses & be associated with them right from his early college days through various ways for the improvement of mankind more so, because Ray believes’ that studying & understanding human behavioral factor of every strata of the society is a quality which he possess & cherish. Hence Ray believes from his heart that our institution will give youth the opportunity to fulfill & justify the responsibilities of both their personal & professional life.

The Global service provider Mediterranean Alien Technology Consulting Limited & Bhaskaraditya Ventures LLP is being known as MACALLIED is engaged in 360 degree digital innovations, Software Solution across .net, Java & Microsoft Dynamics, ios & android solution development, Retail solution & Data Analytics. MACALLIED is the Brand which indulges in offering Business Acceleration engines for Technology Infra structural enhancement. We have our eagle’s eye on our approaches.

One of the ventures of MACALLIED is a Public limited company & Limited by shares registered under Registrar of Company Act (ROC) 1956, Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA).

We are a group of creative personnel who have axis power. We are hell bent on showing the world that creativity can go far beyond imagination, beyond the general notion of contemporary technology innovation. We look far ahead of times. We are experts and highly experienced engineers and we analyze and produce an optimum level of output which pertains to the respective engines. We are a group of functional consultants and engine creators along with other things, and we channelize our hard work, dedication, experience and expertise in our respective domains.

MACALLIED is working across 14 countries viz. USA, UK, Australia, Netherland, Sweden, China, UAE, Pakistan, Korea & Germany & many more. At present, MACALLIED have delivered triple digit projects from the inception till date. Besides other projects, MACALLIED is working on the various BTL applications Projects for retail industries & creating a strong B2B network.

We at MACALLIED provide our clients with 360 degree assistance on running a business. Whether it is Enterprise Software Solutions, Below the Line Applications, Mobile Applications, Digital and Non-Digital Communications, Business Consultancy, Retail Solutions, you just need to name it and you will have us at your service.

Service Engine of MACALLIED:

  • A) Mac-Gen-Y: Software Solution Development
  • B) Mac Sentence: Data Analytics & Fact findings

Value Proposition MACALLIED:

  • Experience in handling SMB and Enterprise projects
  • A strong ground level workforce with experienced management team and industry associates and consultants
  • Strong and experienced panel of domain and technology specialists as consultants for efficiently managing medium and large sized projects